Son La plant’s third turbine begins operating

Turbine group 3 of the Son La Hydroelectric Power Plant is expected to officially supply electricity to the national grid on August 25, five days ahead of schedule, engineers at the plant said on Aug 15th.


As planned, the Son La Hydroelectric Power Plant will supply nearly 10 million kWh per day to the national grid.


The turbine was put on no-load running smoothly on August 15 as a preparation for the official generation 10 days later.


The first and second turbines of the plant have generated about 3 billion kWh for the national grid since they started working in December last year and this year’s last April, respectively.


The Son La Hydroelectric Power Plant is the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia . It was invested with VND 42.47 trillion and has a planned capacity of 2,400 MW. With six turbines, the plant is expected to provide more than 10 billion kWh each year for the national electricity network.

Source Laodong - Translated by MT

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