Speed urged for national one-stop shop mechanism

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh has asked ministries and agencies to speed up implementation of the national one-stop shop (OSS) mechanism by 2016 following the recent fifth meeting of the National Steering Committee for ASEAN and National OSS.

The Government Office issued a report on June 19 on the Deputy PM’s instructions regarding the matter, which urged swift cooperation between numerous involved ministries and agencies towards the goal.

The one-door customs mechanism is a new online system that will update and unite the current cargo, port and customs information systems. Involved ministries, agencies and business across the country will share the same software system as a way to increase efficiency, transparency and communication.

Deputy PM Ninh requested that ministries and agencies submit to the steering committee a list of administrative procedures to be carried out via the national OSS portal.

In the second quarter of next year, ministries and state organs that fail to join the mechanism will be forced to review and amend all of their legal documents to make it compatible to the one door system.

The Ministries of Industry and Trade, Transport, Agriculture and Rural Development, Defence, Health, Environment and Natural Resources were ordered to work together to establish an inter-disciplinary mechanism in June to deal with administrative procedures for vessels at sea ports and international river ports.

The Ministry of Finance is authorised to work with other ministries to accomplish a master plan for carrying out the OSS mechanism for 2016-20 period.

A concrete plan for next year must be submitted to the Prime Minister for approval by the end of this year. The Deputy PM also asked the Ministry of Finance to team up with relevant bodies to complete procedures in June for the signing of a protocol on the legal framework for the implementation of the ASEAN OSS mechanism.

Source: VNS

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