Spokesman Reiterates Viet Nam's Resolve to Fight Corruption

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Le Dung reiterated the resolve of the Vietnamese Government in the fight against corruption at a regular press briefing in Ha Noi on April 6, 2006.

Mr. Le Dung

Answering a question raised by a Reuters correspondent regarding possible negative impact, caused by the recently-detected corruption at Project Managing Unit 18 (PMU18) of the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Dung said: “Incidents of wrongdoings and corruption at PMU18 are being under intensive investigation, legal proceedings against the offenders are being prepared.”

“The Vietnamese Party and state are determined to bring into light mistakes by organizations or individuals no matter who they are. On the basis of the investigation outcomes, competent agencies will apply strict measures in accordance with the state laws.”

“The Vietnamese Government always welcomes and is open to consultation by international donors. Strict handling the PMU18 corruption incident demonstrates our Government’s resolve in the fight against corruption and we are confident that this incident will not negatively affect commitment to Vietnam by international donors," he said.

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Compiled by Tuong Thuy

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