Storm Goni weakens into depression

Tropical Storm Goni weakened into a tropical depression as it made its way north-northeast across the East Sea to the Chinese peninsula of Leizhou on August 9, the weather bureau said.

The National Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Center said due to the system, coastal areas in the Gulf of Tonkin would experience thunderstorms.

Typhoon Morakot, which made landfall in territory Taiwan (China) and weakened as it moved north-northwest late Friday caused strong winds in the Mekong delta, it said. The region, including Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces, would experience rains for two or three days until August 13.

The Steering Board for Storm Prevention and Rescue in the central province of Quang Tri contacted 86 fishermen aboard 10 boats at sea who said they have anchored safely at Bach Long Vi and Cat Ba islands.

Fishermen believe that fish and shrimp are abundant when a storm has weakened, meaning coast guards must patrol along river mouths to prevent them from sneaking out to sea.

A steering board official said 18 fishermen on three vessels from Loc Ha District have returned home safely following a mishap while anchoring in Mouth Sot. Nguyen Xuan Vi rescued the crew of one of the boats which sank.

By staff writers - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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