Strange optical phenomenon occurs in Gia Lai

A 40 minute strange phenomenon of the sun in combination with round light spots as a rainbow with different colors  appeared in Gia Lai province  yesterday morning.

Many light spots cover the sun (Photo: Pham Hong Thanh Phu-A witness)

Facing to the strange phenomenon in the sky, local people were very surprise and used mobile phones or cameras to save images and posted them to social media.

A witness shared that it had been very rare so far for him. Many of his friends flocked outside to see in the sky. In order to save the moment, he immediately shot and shared the video to social media.

Head of the Central Highlands Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center Pham Vu Tuan, the optical phenomenon named light refraction as the sun shined mostly transparent clouds, created by ice crystals which would not affect to environment and atmosphere.

The optical phenomenon sometimes appears in European and tropical countries, added Mr. Tuan.

By Huu Phuc- Translated by Huyen Huong

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