Swiftlets migrate from Quang Binh Province

Thousands of flocks of swiftlets have migrated away from their habitat on Swiftlet Island, in Quang Trach District in the north central province of Quang Binh.

Residents from the Quang Dong Commune visited the island yesterday and discovered this uncomfortable truth. They have since reported the matter to local authorities.

Local residents said that a tourist company operating on the island, found that there were too many sea cockroaches there and used a pesticide to kill them, which led to the swiftlets migrating from the island.

Every year, local residents harvest hundreds of swiftlet birds’ nests on the island for a livelihood.

The Swiftlet Island is located two miles into the sea from the Quang Dong Commune coast and attracts visitors because of the thousands of swiftlets that nest there annually.

By M.Phong – Translated by Bach Lien

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