Tay Ninh Province to revert industrial land for paddy farming

The People’s Committee in the southern province of Tay Ninh has decided to erase down seven industrial parks, asking local authorities to once again convert the land into cultivable rice fields.

Previously, the People’s Committee had ordered the district administration to check on the progress of industrial parks in the province. After a thorough investigation, local authorities found that only four industrial zones had constructed their infrastructure while as many as 16 were still going round in circles.

With industrial parks failing to make progress, despite vast paddy field areas having been cleared for the purpose, the People’s Committee of Tay Ninh decided to take back the 743 hectares of land and revert to paddy farming.

Seven industrial parks reverting to paddy fields are Long Chu and Tien Thuan in Ben Cau District with an area of 350 hectares; Bau Don in Go Dau District with an area of 200 hectares; Dong Khoi in Chau Thanh District with 20 hectares; Tan Dong and Suoi Ngo in Tan Chau District with 40 hectares; and Suoi Can in Tan Bien District with 133 hectares.

Last December, the National Assembly had passed a resolution that the country should preserve 3.8 million hectares of paddy land by 2020.

The government asked Tay Ninh to protect 81,000 hectares for paddy cultivation and the People’s Committee had requested the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to inspect the land transfer from paddy to other purposes.

Paddy land area has decreased over the last few years in the country with haphazard investments of industrial parks.

By P. Trung - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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