Ten Great Predictions of President Ho Chi Minh

Throughout the history of Viet Nam, along came great thinkers who made accurate predictions about the future such as Nguyen Binh Khiem, Nguyen Trai. They are popularly revered and idolized. President Ho Chi Minh is among them.

Uncle Ho with a child

About big events in the world

1. Marxism – Leninism and Vietnamese traditional patriotism would create strength to defeat feudal colonialism

As early as 1921, in his article, titled “The international communist movement” on La Revue Communist Magazine No. 15, Nguyen Ai Quoc predicted: “Communism may penetrate into Asia more easily than into Europe. Marxism – Leninism, coupled with Vietnamese traditional patriotism, will create combined strength of both traditional and modern features to defeat feudal colonialism and help build an independent socialist Viet Nam”.

The contemporary history of Viet Nam’s revolutions supported his prediction.

2. China would become a communist state and shake hands with the Soviet Union

Also in the said article, predicted he, “The establishment of the Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-sen’s administration in southern China promised a restructured and proletarianized China…in a near future,…new China and Russia will shake hands in friendship to advance for the interests of democracy and humanity”.

More than twenty years later, the prediction became true.

3. The Second World War and the assault of capitalism on the Soviet Union

In March 1924, in his article on Inprekorr Journal, he said, “There will be someday when the revolutionary Russia has to confront capitalism”.

Seventeen years later, in 1941, the prediction became true.

4. War would break out in the Pacific Ocean and Indochina would be impoverished with declined population

In April 1924, in his article on the said journal, he said: “As a center attracting full attention of the greedy imperialists, the Pacific Ocean and its neighboring colonies will become the hotbed of a new world war and the proletarian class will have to take the burden” and “to make those colonies become “useful” to the mother countries. If the project is implemented, Indochina will be impoverished with declined population”.

Twenty years later, the prediction became true. In Viet Nam, in 1945, millions of people starved to death because the Japanese fascist looted food to serve the war.

5. Hitler will attack the Soviet Union and the socialist system would be born

In June 1940, when the German facist took control of France and some European countries, and in 1941, when the Japanese fascist attacked the US’s Pearl Harbor and drove France and Great Britain out of their colonies in the Pacific Ocean, Nguyen Ai Quoc wrote, “The day Hitler attacks the Soviet Union will be the Armageddon of the German fascist. It is quite certain that if the first imperialist war resulted in the establishment of the Soviet Union, then the collapse of fascism will lead to the victory of socialist revolutions in many other countries”.

After 4 years, the prediction became true.

About big events of Vietnamese revolution

6. Viet Nam would gain independence in 1945

In February 1942, in his epic, “Our country’s history”, Ho Chi Minh wrote: “In 1945 Viet Nam will gain independence”. Three years later, in September 1945, Ho Chi Minh read the Independence Declaration at Ba Dinh Hall in Ha Noi, which marked the birth of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam.

7. When the anti-French war ended with Dien Bien Phu victory in 1954, Ho Chi Minh predicted that the American imperialist would invade Viet Nam.

On April 12, 1999, in the 45th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu victory, General Vo Nguyen Giap spoke to the press: “Uncle Ho – the prophet”. He recalled, “Seeing me after the victory, Uncle Ho said: “Dien Bien Phu victory is something to rejoice, but remember that it is just the beginning of an anti-American war. We still have to defeat the US…”.

Ten years after Dien Bien Phu victory, the US troops violently invaded Viet Nam.

8. Our people would surely win the anti-American resistant war in 1975.

His will, drawn on May 15, 1965, said, “The anti-American war may last several years or more. Our people may suffer from losses of human and material. Whatever, we are determined to totally defeat the US… The US will surely get out of our country. Our fatherland will certainly be reunified”.
“Several years” means at most 10 years, that means in 1975.

Late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong recalled, “In the draft speech of the 15th Anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam on September 2, 1960, Uncle Ho wrote, “If the whole people are united to fight against the US, at least 15 years later, our fatherland will be reunified”.

9. The US would use B52 airplanes to raid Ha Noi and be defeated on Ha Noi sky.

The memoir of Chief Marshal Phung The Tai, former Commander-in-Chief of Viet Nam Air Defense – Air Force, says that in 1967, Uncle Ho told him, “Sooner or later, the US will use B52 airplanes to raid Ha Noi, then they will be defeated”. He stressed, “…The US will be certainly defeated, but only in Ha Noi sky”.

Five years later, in 1972, we won the "Dien Bien Phu in the sky"; later, the US signed Paris Agreement, ending the invasion war in Viet Nam.

10. About the process of Viet Nam war, he said “The US gets out of our country, and then the puppet army would be overthrown”.

In his New Year message sent to the whole people in 1969 spring, Uncle Ho said, “For independence, for freedom/We will fight until the US gets out of our country and the puppet army is overthrown”…

The same things happened in 1973 (the US got out of Viet Nam) and in 1975 (the puppet army was overthrown), with the south of Viet Nam totally liberated.

By Nguyen Duc Dat – Translated by Thuy Hang

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