Ten outstanding businesspersons win Sao Do awards

Ten outstanding businesspersons win Sao Do (Red Star) Awards organized by the Youth Communist Union, the Vietnam Youth Federation, and the Vietnam Young Entrepreneur Association's Central Committee yesterday in Hanoi.

Ten outstanding businesspersons win Sao Do awards

Red Star (Sao Do) Awards is an annual event which began in 1999 to recognize promising young business people and philanthropists of the corporate community.

These ten outstanding businessperson generated revenue of VND235,437 billion ($10.3 million) in 2016, paying VND35,523 billion into the state’s budget and providing 46,600 employments.

Ten businesspersons were also honored along with 99 counterparts who achieved revenue of VND320,696 billion in 2016 paying VND40,679 billion into the state budget and offering jobs for 119,000 laborers.

Speaking at the award-giving ceremony, deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh lauded their achievement expecting that they will continue develop their creativeness to more integration in the world as well as inspire the young men the passion to set up their own business.


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