Thanh An Residents to Be Evacuated to Mainland

Residents of Thanh An Island, HCMC's suburban district of Can Gio, will be evacuated to the mainland to avoid the risk of being struck by natural disasters such as storms or tsunamis.

Houses collapse after 9th typhoon (typhoon Durian ) swept through HCMC's suburban district of Can Gio.

Since the 5th typhoon (typhoon Linda) in 1987, Can Gio authorities have evacuated 285 families into the mainland but what happened after 9th typhoon (typhoon Durian)  in 2006 has shown that the remaining local residents are still in dangerous zones. Therefore, people in Thanh An Island have expressed their hopes to move and settle down in the mainland, an official of the Can Gio District People’s Committee said.

In Thanh An Island, there are currently 4,528 people of 1,096 families living in only 983 houses and 47% of them are living below the subsistence level.

The Giong Ao or Dong Dinh region will be the chosen place for the evacuation plan and local authorities will contribute VND600 billion (approximately US$37.5 million) to help carry out the plan.

The Can Gio District People’s Committee has proposed that Thanh An Island’s name not be removed from the local map but instead it should be developed into a sea-ecological tourist attraction.

By C.P – Translated by Khanh Hong

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