Thong Nhat Railway and Ho Chi Minh Highway held up by accidents

Two truck accidents, one at the intersection of Thong Nhat Railway and Highway 1A and one on Ho Chi Minh Highway paralyzed the traffic on Friday.

An accident caused a dumper truck to turn upside down at the intersection of Thong Nhat railway and Highway 1A in Nghe An province. Due to this accident, more than 30 tons of cement fell into the railroad and made it to be stuck in five hours.

Nine trains were, therefore, obstructed. Not until 3.20 a.m. the morning after was the problem completely solved because of the rain matter.

At dawn on June 25, a section of Ho Chi Minh highway in the region between Dak Ha Town and Dak Mar Commune, Kon Tum City saw a severe traffic jam.

It was caused by a sinking timber truck numbered 81K-9007 carrying 35m3 of timber from Ngoc Hoi District to Kon Tum City.

Thousands of vehicles were caught in the traffic jam. The incident was entirely dealt with at 10 a.m. the same day.

By Ng.B.Son and L.Khe – Translated by Huu Duy

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