Top-level State and Government Personnel to be Considered: National Assembly

Mr. Bui Ngoc Thanh

Mr. Bui Ngoc Thanh said it is expected that the meeting will discuss a top-level personnel plan for the ministries and elect a state general auditor.

However, up to now the Standing Committee of the National Assembly( NA) has just received the Prime Minister’s proposal of the dismissal of Minister of Communications and Transport Dao Dinh Binh. In addition, the NA along with the government will proceed with the election of a state general auditor in the conference.

SGGP and Thanh Nien reporters: What has the NA prepared for its personnel, for example, NA Chairman or NA’s Chairman of Committee of Science, Technology and Environment?

Mr. Bui Ngoc Thanh: As said, the NA has not received any formal document on state top-level personnel. Members of the NA Committee still hold their positions, including the case of Ho Duc Viet, Chairman of Committee of Science, Technology and Environment of NA.

Although the Committee has not discussed, in case of Mr. Viet's transfer, the NA still have the practice of members holding more than one offices and members being assigned into one position. There was a case of a deputy chairman of the NA’s Nationalities Committee holding the position of Secretary of the Cao Bang Provincial Party Committee.

Cuu Chien binh (Veteran) reporter: The NA will debate the dismissal of Dao Dinh Binh, Minister of Communications and Transport in the conference; will the NA consider his NA delegate status?

According to law, when considering NA delegate status, the NA has to listen to the local Viet Nam Fatherland Front where the delegate has been introduced. As Mr. Binh was introduced by the Central Government, the NA only considers his status with the proposal from the Viet Nam’s Fatherland Central Committee.

SGGP reporter: At the 39th session, the Committee of NA requested that the government report the wrongdoings at PMU 18 as well as ODA capital management in the conference.  What is the government’s feedback?

On behalf of the Standing Committee of NA, I had a meeting with Minister and Chairman of the government office. The government will have a general report on some issues relating to the management and allocation of big capital resources, particularly ODA.

In addition, there are some kinds of reports such as a report on the initial results of the PMU’s investigation; Ministry of Communications and Transport’s report on PMU and Nguyen Viet Tien; Ministry of Planning and Investment’s report on ODA management and allocation.

There are five reports from the government on the PMU18 scandal. Other reports on Nguyen Lam Thai’s case; Van Thanh II bridge, including the report of Ho Chi Minh People’s  Committee; wrongdoings of Government Inspection Office; Thi Vai’s wharf; and the case that a Deputy Minister left his suitcase on plane which contains a lot of money.

However, only a general report will be read to the NA, the others will be sent to NA delegates fore reference.

No reading of documents by Ministers in the NA conference
In NA’s ninth session from May 16 to June 29, the NA will discuss reports on the 2005-2006 and also 2006-2010 socio-economic development plan. Regarding its legislation agenda,  NA will pass 10 draft laws, one resolution and debate 13 other bills.

Two days and a half will be for questioning. Mr. Bui Ngoc Thanh, NA Office Director, confirms there will be something new in questioning activity. At the beginning of the conference, questions will be passed to minister and government leaders, who will send their feedback to NA delegates.

In the questioning session, the feedback will not be read again like in the other previous conferences. All the time is for questions and answers in order to increase the quantity and quality of questioning. One to two minutes are for NA delegates’ questions and four to five minutes are for answering so that main concerns will be focused.

By BM, VP - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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