Traffic accidents down in first four months

More than 8,600 traffic accidents occurred nationwide in the first four months of 2014, killing 3,173 people and injuring another 8,512.

According to the National Committee for Traffic Safety, declines were seen in the number of cases (13.4 percent), fatalities (4.8 percent) and injuries (16.6 percent) against the same period last year.

In April alone, the nation saw 2,056 traffic accidents, resulting in 746 deaths and leaving 2,050 people injured. These figures showed declines of 294 cases, nine deaths and 275 injuries from one year ago.

During the month, traffic police have handled nearly 1.4 million traffic law violation cases, collecting total administrative fines of 803 billion VND (37.7 million USD) and detaining 8,700 cars and 157 motorbikes

Source: VNA

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