Transport Ministry proposes to remove only two BOT tollgates

The Ministry of Transport has proposed the Prime Minister to remove two BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) toll stations in highways nationwide and adjust the distance of four others for not abiding by minimum distance regulation.

The proposal has been made after the Prime Minister instructed the ministry to halt toll collection at BOT projects with minimum distance between two tollgates shorter than 70 kilometers. The PM also asked the ministry to outline a BOT toll station plan in highways and submit it to him for approval.

After reviewing BOT stations, the ministry reported to the PM that there are a total of 86 BOT tollgates in highways.

Of these, 53 stations ensure the minimum distance of 70 kilometers, nine are located 60-70 kilometers from each others, and 24 are positioned less than 60 kilometers.

The ministry has proposed to keep the distance of the 53 and nine stations unchanged.

Of the 24 stations, the ministry suggested unmoved locations to 18 stations and remove two tollgates, comprising one at Ngang Mountain Pass and another south of Hai Van Mountain Pass in the National Highway 1A, because their remaining time of toll collection is not long.

The position of the rest four stations would be changed to ensure the minimum distance regulation, they include three in the National Highway 1A and one in Highway 20.

The media has reflected public opinions that BOT toll station positions do not abide by plans and regulations. Many have been built nearer than the regulated minimum distance of 70 kilometers.

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By Bich Quyen – Translated by Hai Mien

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