Trend of gender imbalance in Vietnam rising

The trend of gender imbalance in Vietnam is predicted to rise, said participants at a seminar of implementation of a telephone switchboard to provide family planning information on October 3 in Hanoi.

Head of the Ministry of Health's General Department of Population and Family Planning Duong Quoc Trong said at the seminar that the disparity in the rate of male and female babies in the Southeast Asian is continuing to rise.

Since 2006, the average sex ratio of newborns in Vietnam has been 110 male to 100 female, but in 2013, the ratio has reached 113.8 male to 100 female, and the ratios are rising in 2014 with 114 to 100. This means that departments of population and family planning did not reach the set target to reduce sex inequality by 2015.

Mr. Trong said that the best way to cut down the gender imbalance must be to change people’s awareness of importance of a son in family. Along with this, there should be a policy to support female and issue penalties on gender of selection.

In order to provide information of population and birth control to residents the General Department of Population and Family Planning has opened a pilot switchboard 1900545586 to provide consultation.

People will be consulted with how to use the daily pills, gynecological disease and useful information for would-be mothers.

By Quoc Lap - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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