Tropical depression develops into storm

The tropical depression that was identified Monday in the northeast of East Sea strengthened into a storm on Tuesday morning.

A map of the storm

This morning, the center of the storm was at 19.7 north latitude, 117.5 east longitude in northeast East Sea. The area near the center of the storm saw winds measuring eight or nine on the Beaufort scale (70 - 85 km per hour), according to the national weather bureau.

The authorities of provinces and cities from Quang Ninh in the north to Quang Ngai in the central region, the ministries of Defense, and Transport, and local rescue forces have been asked to take urgent measures to cope with the storm, said a dispatch sent out Monday by the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Preparedness.

These agencies must keep fishermen well informed of the developments of the storm so that they can avoid or escape dangerous areas. Rescue forces must fully be prepared for their operations in emergency cases, said the committee.

By L. Van – Translated by Truc Thinh

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