US funding for environmental damage doubled

The U.S. on May 29 doubled its funding for environmental health and remediation in Vietnam, from US$3 million to US$6 million. 

U.S. President Barack Obama has recently signed a bill that included an additional US$3 million for assistance for environmental remediation of dioxin contamination and related health activities. 

One third will go toward health related activities, which are already underway. The remaining amount will be used help clean up the damage caused by defoliants used in the 1960s. 

Since 1989, individual Americans have contributed more than US$46 million to support Vietnamese with disabilities brought about by defoliant use. 

In 2008, the U.S. Government added to privately raised money by awarding grants totaling US$1 million and focused on the disabled population in Da Nang City.

The funds are used provide those with disabilities with skills training and job placements, corrective surgery and prosthetic and orthopedic devices, and scholarships for children.

By Minh Long

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