US Lawmaker Hints Early End to WTO Talks With Viet Nam

The US House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert recalled PM Phan Van Khai's visit to the US in June of 2006 as a major contribution to the development of friendship and fruitful relations between the two countries.

Mr.Hastert's view was echoed by his accompanying members of the US Congress, who highly valued the dynamic economic growth in Viet Nam. Many said they hoped that the two countries would further promote economic and commercial ties.

The US Congresspeople, who arrived in Viet Nam on April 12, raised their viewpoints after Prime Minister Phan Van Khai proposed that the two countries conclude bilateral negotiations on Viet Nam's WTO bid and that US Congress give Viet Nam permanent normal trade relations status.

The Prime Minister also affirmed Viet Nam's policy of developing multi-faceted cooperation in a long-term and stable foundation with the US.

The two countries have made progress in their relations, especially in trade, as demonstrated by the increasing number of US businesses coming to invest in Viet Nam, said the Vietnamese leader.

The coming visit to Viet Nam by the US President on the occation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting to take place in Ha Noi late this year will be of historical significance to both sides, emphasised the Prime Minister

The Government leader concluded by saying that he hoped for US help with Viet Nam's successful organisation of the APEC Viet Nam 2006, concluded the Government leader.

Source: VNA

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