Viet Nam, Angola Resolve to Enhance Partnership

Viet Nam Communist Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and Angola's President, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, have resolved to develop the partnership between their two countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

Viet Nam Communist Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh

Their resolution is contained in a Viet Nam-Angola Joint Statement issued in Luanda at the end of the General Secretary's three-day visit to Angola on April 4.

The following is the full text of the statement.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and a high-ranking delegation of Viet Nam paid a state visit to Angola from April 2-4 at the invitation of the President of Angola, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos.

During the visit, General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos held talks on bilateral relations and exchanged opinions about international issues of mutual concern.

The General Secretary laid a wreath at the monument to President Antonio Agustino Neto and met with National Assembly Chairman Roberto Victor de Almeida and Prime Minister Fernando Dos Santos .

General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos highly appreciated the socio-economic development and international integration of the people of their two countries.

The Vietnamese side praised the Angolan Government's policy of national unity, reconciliation and concord as well as the great efforts and achievements of the Angolan Government and people in national restoration, economic development, the settlement of social issues and improving the living conditions of working people.

Viet Nam appreciated Angola 's important role and contribution in consolidating peace and stability in Central and South Africa and elsewhere throughout the world.

The Angola side congratulated Viet Nam for the significant and historical achievements it had gained through its process of renewal, national construction and defence towards the goal of a prosperous nation with a rich people and an equal, democratic and civilised society. Angola highly valued Viet Nam 's active role in Southeast Asia and the international arena.

The two leaders said they were pleased at the recent development of the friendship and cooperation between their two nations.

They reiterated their resolve to constantly develop the comprehensive partnership on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and support between the two countries in their people’s interests and for peace, stability, cooperation and development in their two regions and the remainder of the world.

The two sides agreed to increase high level contacts between leaders of the two countries; increase the exchange of delegations as well as practical and effective co-operation between ministries, sectors and mass organisations; and share experiences in socio-economic development combining with building a progressive and equal society, the reduction of poverty and international economic integration.

They also agreed to expand economic cooperation; increase trade based on tapping the advantages of each country and accelerate cooperation in health care, education and training, agriculture, fisheries, oil and gas.

Both were committed to creating favarable facilitating conditions for enterprises from Viet Nam and Angola to enhance their cooperation and investment based on equality and mutual benefits.

The Vietnamese side highly appreciated Angola's decision to recognise Vietnam as having full market-economy status and thanked Angola for enabling Vietnamese experts and citizens living and working in Angola to enjoy a stable life, contribute to building and developing the host country and act as a bridge of friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

The two sides agreed to boost the operation of the Viet Nam-Angola Inter-Governmental Committee and push up negotiations for agreements designed to found a framework for permanent cooperation between the two countries.

On the occasion, the two sides signed a framework agreement for economic, scientific and technological and cultural cooperation, a trade agreement, an agreement for visa exemption for diplomatic and official passport holders; and an oil and gas cooperation protocol.

Viet Nam and Angola stood together on many regional and international issues and were committed to further contribute to promoting peace, stability, co-operation and development in Southeast Asia, Africa and throughout the world.

The two sides welcomed and supported the efforts of the international community to eradicate hunger and alleviate poverty; improve the quality of life and to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

The two sides agreed on the need to increase the UN’s key role in all international affairs and to reform and democratise the world organisation's agencies with the participation of all its members, regardless of their size or wealth.

The two sides emphasised that all issues in relations between nations could be and must be resolved through peaceful negotiations that respect the principles of the UN Charter and rejected any use or threat to use force.

They reiterated their determination to further consolidate their cooperation at international organisations and forums; promote their practical and effective multilateral cooperation within the framework of the New Asia Africa Strategic Partnership (NAASP) and the Non-aligned Movement (NAM).

They appreciated and confirmed the need to expand the multilateral cooperation with regional and international organisations as well as other third parties.

The two sides said the General Secretary's visit was considered a milestone in the relations between the two countries that would usher in a new era in the co-operation and friendship between the two countries, contributing to peace, stability, cooperation and the prosperous development of their two regions and throughout the world.

General Secretary Nong Duc Manh expressed his sincere thanks to the Angolan Government and people for the hospitality given to him and the Vietnamese delegation during their visit.

He invited President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos and other Angolan leaders to visit Viet Nam. President Dos Santos accepted the invitation and said the timing of the visit would be arranged through the diplomatic channel. 

Source: VNA

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