Viet Nam Further Advances South-South And North-South Ties

Viet Nam is resolved to further advance the South-South and North-South Cooperation, Vietnamese delegation lead by Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem affirmed at the 32 nd Annual Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77 in New York on September 26.

Deputy PM Pham Gia Khiem

Addressing the meeting, Vietnamese delegation noted that developing and least-developed countries were facing a wide range of development issues, therefore, it was essential to strengthen relevant cooperation institutions, particularly South-South Cooperation, in order to respond to these issues for the benefits of each member as well as Group 77 as a whole.

The delegation also spoke of the gloomy prospect of the global economic growth, stressing this may create new challenges for many developing economies.

While highlighting the South-South Cooperation for its contributions to the promotion of growth and development of member countries as well as the role and position of Group 77, the Vietnamese delegation representative stressed “in the new context, South-South cooperation should be strengthened and reformed to be more dynamic, action-oriented and innovative at all global, regional and sub-regional levels.”

The Vietnamese representative went on: “As South countries themselves encountered many constraints, especially resources, to promote cooperation more effectively. I believe that, North-South cooperation should be enhanced to address global issues and to take the advantage of developed countries’ assistance.”

“These two forms of cooperation should go hand in hand and support each other. On the other hand, developed nations should demonstrate stronger political will and greater flexibility needed for breaking the current deadlock in the Doha Round as their responsibility to promote trade for development.

“As the member country of Group 77, member of the World Trade Organisation and non-permanent member of UN Security Council, Viet Nam undertakes to do whatever it can to contribute to joint efforts of developing countries in addressing the above-said issues,” the representative affirmed.

He went on to note the country’s willingness to share with other members experiences it had with African countries in the “2 plus 1” model of cooperation and cooperate with interested countries in the development of agriculture and ensuring food security.

The Vietnamese delegation to the 32 nd Annual Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77 was led by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem.

Within the framework of the 63 rd United Nation General Assembly meeting, Deputy PM Pham Gia Khiem chaired an ASEAN-GCC ministerial meeting which defined priorities in the two groups’ cooperation, namely economy-trade, energy, food, agriculture, tourism, cultural exchange, and dialogue on religion.

Deputy PM Khiem attended dialogues between the US council for external relations and the Asian society, and between the US-ASEAN trade council and the US chamber of trade.

At these events, US businesspeople highly valued Viet Nam’s renewal achievements and economic potential as well as the country’s role in the UN Security Council. They showed interest in the investment environment in Viet Nam and inquired into impacts of the global financial crisis on the country.

Source: VNA

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