Viet Nam Grants Amnesty to 8,000

Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet has given amnesty to more than 8,000 prisoners but British pop singer Gary Glitter, jailed for child molestation, was not on the list, officials said Tuesday.

A total of 8,018 prisoners will be freed from prison including 13 foreigners and 48 others will not be placed behind bars in honour of the country's National Day, the officials said.

Vice minister for public security Le The Tiem said 11 of those freed had been convicted for violating national security.

But an amnesty request by Glitter -- the disgraced 1970s pop star who was sentenced to three years in jail in March 2006 for committing obscene acts with two girls, then aged 11 and 12, in southern Viet Nam -- was denied.

In February, Glitter received a three-month term reduction to mark the traditional Tet lunar new year, moving his official release date forward to August 2008.

Source: AFP

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