Vietnam central firm apologizes for attacking opposing man

A company in the central region’s Da Nang on Tuesday apologized nearly 2,000 local people who were attacked by the firm’s employees late last month after showing opposition to its construction project.

Nguyen Tam Tien, general director of Trung Nam Group, made the apology at the meeting organized by the city government with the locals and leaders of the company, the investor of Golden Hills residential area project.

At the meeting, 17 people representing the locals expressed their anger about five people from the company including three truck drivers and two officers cutting a local man named Nguyen Van Tuan, which was followed by thousands of them damaging the management center for the project.

Tien said at the meeting that leaders of the company could not control the situation but it is now cooperating with police to investigate the matter.

“I promise that in the coming time, the company will use different equipment to reduce dust... I wish you locals would forgive us. We promise that we would cause no further troubles to local people,” he said.

People at the meeting said the ground clearance process caused a lot of dust.

They also complained about the bad compensation and slow relocation offered by the company.

Nguyen Ba Thanh, head of the city Party unit, said at the meeting that the company has to compensate properly to displaced people and provide further support to poorer families.

Thanh also asked the company to speed up the relocation of people are living in the area populated by the project construction.

Head of Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Dieu will be dismissed if the company continues to cause pollution without being punished, he said.

Thanh also criticized Da Nang government for slow reaction to the matter.

By Ng.Khoi – Translated by Cao Minh

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