Vietnam encourages setting of public notary offices

The Prime Minister has approved a decree that encourages setting up of public notary offices and municipal and provincial people’s committees will facilitate and support establishing such offices in disadvantaged districts.

People’s committees will ensure transparency in approving the setting up of notary public offices with better facilities and skilled employees. Fee for one time notarizing will be the same as all offices in the country.

The decree also disallows notary staff from doubling as notary and lawyers, auctioneers, or justice officials. Working notaries should have certificates that state they have finished their annual course and will not violate regulations.

Any lawyer appointed as notary in an office must have a confirmation document from the Lawyer’s Management Board stating that he is no longer a practicing lawyer.

Retired notary can continue to maintain their post and can set up their own private notary office, but if they have been retired for more than one year they must complete necessary documents for approval.

By V.A - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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