Vietnam, Germany celebrating 35th year of diplomatic relations

Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet and his German counterpart Horst Kohler will sponsor the “German Year in Vietnam 2010” to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the two nations’ diplomatic relationship, the German Embassy in Vietnam has announced.

The year 2010 is an important one for bilateral relations between Germany and Vietnam with a wide range of events and activities planned to reflect the breadth and depth of the two nations’ relationship.

The German Year in Vietnam will focus on four areas: environment, urban development, arts and discussions.
A host of workshops, fairs, and exhibitions are planned for the topics of environment and urban development, focusing on transport, architecture, environmental protection and climate change.
In the arts category, German photography, movies, dancing and fashion will be highlighted via concerts, photo and film festivals, dance and opera performances, and book and fashion shows.
Other workshops and seminars will be held on the topics of water and forestry issues, economics, immigrants, cultural preservation, and Germany-Vietnam diplomatic ties.

Youth cultural exchanges, chess competitions, visits from German politicians, and discussions on educational cooperation, will be held throughout the year.
This year will also see a high-ranking international seminar held to discuss economic cooperation between Vietnam and Germany.

The German Foreign Affairs Ministry and Goethe Institute in Ho Chi Minh City will be responsible for holding the year-long activities to draw attention to German culture in particular and Europe in general.

By Uyen Phuong

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