Vietnam Innovation Day 2010 launched for climate change ideas

The World Bank, Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Youth Union Central Committee launched the Vietnam Innovation Day 2010 on Thursday, seeking innovative ideas that address climate change.

This file photo, taken on Sep. 29, 2009 in the central province of Quang Ngai, shows an area hit by devastating typhoon Ketsana

The program consists of two major events. The first is an innovation competition, set for April 27-28. The contest will honor the 20 most innovative ideas and award US$15,000 each.

The second is a knowledge exchange forum among stakeholders, thus improving the general public’s knowledge of the legal framework and policies concerning climate change and increasing the private sector’s involvement in addressing climate change.

The forum is scheduled on April 28.

Addressing the launching ceremony in Hanoi, World Bank acting country director Alain Barbu said the WB, together with other partners, would continue to increase support for Vietnam to help the country improve forecast capacity and increase research on measures to address the climate change issues.

The first Vietnam Innovation Day was organized in 2003. It has then become an annual event.

Theme for each year was identified based on a wide consultation on issues of public interest, country focus and priority in government agenda and varied from Life Safety (2003), Fighting HIV/AIDS (2004), Environmental Actions (2005),  “Disadvantaged Children and Youth” (2006), “Traffic Safety” (2007) “Food Safety” (2008) and “More Accountability and Transparency, Less Corruption” (2009).

Since its inception, the program has seen an increasing numbers of applications, partners and donors. More than 1,000 applicants across the country have responded to the call for proposal. More than twenty donors have joined the bank to co-sponsor the program, including, AusAID, CIDA and Canada Fund, Denmark, DFID (UK), Embassy of Finland, Embassy of France, ILO, JICA, Embassy of the Netherlands, NZAID, SDC, UNDP, USAID and US Embassy.

Around US$1.9 million in grant has so far been awarded to 199 diverse and innovative projects.

Annually, the World Bank funds the organization cost, and makes available at least US$100,000 for awards for the program.

By Tuong Thuy

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