Vietnam mayors learn world-class urban management

The Vietnam Mayors Executive Education Program, jointly organized by the Academy of Management for Cities and Construction (AMC) and the World Bank Institute, opened December 14 in Hanoi to provide city leaders insight into modern urban management.

The program, the first of its kind in the country, provides a two-day training seminar for leaders of 35 cities in Vietnam along with presentations from leading local and foreign experts.

Eminent lecturers including Professor John Thomas of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Professor Stanley Nollen of the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University; Professor Robert Cervero of the School of City and Regional Planning, University of California at Berkeley; and David Grossman, Director of International Programs of the International City/County Management Association, will participate.

City leaders will also exchange ideas on leadership and management through case discussions. The course will lead to the long-term development of the Vietnam Mayors Executive Education Program under the AMC with support from the World Bank Institute and in partnership with leading international universities and professional city management associations.

After finishing the course in Hanoi, participants will travel to the city of Incheon (Republic of Korea) to learn about its management innovations and competitiveness strategy.

The transition from a planned to a market economy is well known in Vietnam.  Equally impressive is the rural-urban transformation that is accompanying this transition. Attendant with the urbanization process has been a strong push for decentralization of service provision and urban management.

Managing the urbanization process in a way that will facilitate Vietnam’s socio-economic growth is emerging as a central pillar of the National Socio-Economic Development Strategy for 2011-2020.

For Vietnam, building the capacity of mayors to lead their cities and towns through this transformation process is critical to sustainable development because weak management and organizational performance undermine city competitiveness in the new global economy and the effective delivery of the public services that ultimately reduce poverty.    

Minister of Construction Nguyen Hong Quan and the World Bank Country Director for Vietnam Victoria Kwakwa, attended the program’s opening ceremony.

By Dinh Chuong

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