Vietnam plans to raise allowance for social welfare brackets

The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affair proposed raising allowance to those who serving in the nation’s revolutions from VND1,318,000 to VND1,417,000/month.

As per the proposal, those who took part in the revolutionary activities and left home before January 1, 1945 will receive VND1,583,000 and bonus of VND268, 000 per month for their seniority while those who have not left home for revolutionary activities will get VND2,688,000 monthly. For relative of people who died before the day will have VND1,417,000 a month.

The allowance for relatives of one martyr will be VND1,417,000 a month; of two martyrs will be VND2,834,000 a month, of three martyrs will be VND4,251,000 per month; for spouse of martyrs is VND1,417,000 while Vietnamese heroic mothers will receive the same allowance as a relative of martyrs and additional amount of VND1,188,000 monthly. For those who look after Vietnamese heroic mother in the same house will get VND1,417,000 a month.

Heros of the people's armed forces, labor heros in the war time will receive VND1,188,000 per month. Wounded soldiers and social welfare grantees are proposed to get VND955,000 - 4,543,000 a month depending on their deterioration of labor capability. As per the ministry’s proposal, wounded soldier type B will receive VND788,000 - 3,759,000/month.

By Lam Nguyen - translated by Uyen Phuong

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