Vietnam Red Cross praised for humanitarian, charitable work

Le Hong Anh, permanent member of the Party Central Committee, praised the humanitarian work of the Vietnam Red Cross and its contributory work in helping citizens in disaster-prone areas, at the ninth National Congress in Hanoi on July 5.

Speaking at the congress, Mr Anh said that as a humanitarian organization founded by late President Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnam Red Cross has actively participated in helping citizens during times of natural disasters as well as encouraged all sections of society to come forward in times of great need.

In addition, it has called for help of organizations and individuals from other countries during natural calamities, Mr Anh added.

During the last five years, it has raised financial contributions of VND1.5 trillion for emergency relief activities. Positive developments have also been recorded in voluntary blood, tissue, cornea and organ donations.

Vietnam Red Cross has developed 1,642 volunteer blood donation camps, 25 of these are for rare blood groups, with a total of 51,398 members. Around 44,792 people have agreed to donate their cornea after death, with 94 people already having donated to bring vision for 148 people in the country.

At the congress, almost 500 delegates representing more than 8 million members elected the 134-member Executive Committee with Nguyen Hai Duong as the President of Vietnam Red Cross for the term 2012-2017.

By P. Trung - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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