Vietnam to host 2015 ASEAN journalist confederation’s general assembly

The Confederation of ASEAN Journalists (CAJ) executive board conference has just been  held in Hanoi on September 12 by Vietnam Journalist Association (VJA), with the participation of representatives of ASEAN media agencies.

Speaking at the conference, Chairman of VJA Thuan Huu said that this year’s conference took place in the context of threatening to peaceful, security, safe and freedom of navigation and airline, which international and ASEAN communities are so interested.

So that ASEAN becomes fast a single community by the end of 2015, the regional press needed to cooperate closer to boost the development of each country and build a peaceful, united and stable ASEAN, added Thuan Huu.

At the meeting, CAJ executive board members discussed together and decided series of major issues. For instance, the conference unanimously approved Vietnam Journalists Association will host the 18th ASEAN journalist confederation’s general assembly in 2015, and Chairman of VJA Thuan Huu will undertake as CAJ President for two years period.

In addition, CAJ executive board members also approved the establishment of a CAJ journalism training committee and Vietnam Journalists Association vice Standing Chairman. Accordingly, Ha Minh Hue will undertake this position.

By staff writer- Translated by Huyen Huong

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