Vietnam to use advanced technology to clear dioxin contamination

Experts from Vietnam and the US met at a seminar in Hanoi on May 8 to discuss the use of ‘In-Pile Thermal Desorption’ (IPTD) technology to clean up Agent Orange or Dioxin contamination from the Da Nang Airport area.

A view of Da Nang International Airport

As part of a joint project between the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Vietnam Ministry of Defence, the ‘In-Pile Thermal Desorption’ technology will clear the Da Nang Airport area of dioxin contamination, said one US expert.

IPTD is an advanced technology treatment method that has been used successfully in the US, EU countries and in Asia to clean up dangerous waste pollutants to make the environment safe for millions of people and future generations.

Donald Steinberg, deputy head of the US Agency for International Development, said that the project to clean up dioxin from the Da Nang Airport area will be very carefully conducted so as to ensure the safety of both project workers and local people.

By P.Trung – Translated by T.Huong

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