Vietnamese Buddhists to Hold Prayers in Europe

A delegation from the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Central Committee will make a trip to six European countries, said the most Venerable Thich Thien Nhon, vice president and general secretary of the Sangha.

The visit will expand the Sangha’s relationship with international Buddhist organizations, increase overseas Vietnamese’s faith in Dharma, and encourage them to retain their national identity and make contributions to the homeland, he added.

The delegation will visit France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungry, Ukraine and Russia. There they will hold memorial services and prayers-for-peace services on the occasion of Le Vu Lan ceremony, August 17. On this occasion, Vietnamese people express their gratitude and appreciation of their parents.

The delegation will organize services to honor the erection of a statue of President Ho Chi Minh at the Vietnamese Embassy in the Czech Republic and the inauguration of Vinh Nghiem Temple in Praha.

The delegates will hand over certificates of Sangha membership to Buddhist associations in European countries. In addition, the delegation will organize a ceremony to confirm the head of Truc Lam Temple in Kharkov, Ukraine.

By A. Phuong - Translated by Thanh Tam

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