Vietnamese, Cambodian Border Officials Meet

Viet Nam-Cambodia border gate Moc Bai (Photo:TK)

Officials of the Viet Nam-Cambodia Joint Committee for Land Border Demarcation and Marker Planting convened their first meeting in Ha Noi on May 29, marking the resumption of the two countries' land border delineation work after an interruption of nearly 18 years.

The two sides agreed to complete preparatory work as soon as possible to pave the way for demarcating the land border and planting markers, which has been scheduled for completion by the two governments prior to the end of 2008.

In a friendly, frank and mutually understanding atmosphere, Vietnamese and Cambodian officials discussed specific items in depth, such as organization of forces working on demarcation and planting, numbers and positions of land border markers, design and criteria for land border markers, numbering standards for land border markers and issues relating to a map serving the land border delineation and border marker planting.

They also agreed on documents relating to legal and technical aspects supportive to the work and discussed training programs for people of the both sides in charge of executing the task.

This year, the work will start with the planting of border markers at several international and national border gates to serve economic exchange, officials agreed.

The Vietnamese Government delegation was led by Vu Dung, Deputy Foreign Minister, Director of the Foreign Ministry's Border Department and Chairman of the Viet Nam-Cambodia Committee for Land Border Demarcation and Marker Planting.

The delegation was also comprised leaders of the 10 provinces that share borderline with Cambodia and representatives of the Governmental Office and relevant ministries and sectors.

The Cambodian party was headed by Var Kim Hong, Senior Minister in charge of border issues and Chairman of the Cambodia-Viet Nam Committee for Land Border Demarcation and Marker Planting, and included officials of the nine provinces lying along the common borderline with Viet Nam, and representatives of the Ministers' Council Office, concerned ministries and military zones I, II and III.

Source: VNA

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