Vietnamese Family Day focuses value of family meal

Speaking at the ceremony to mark Vietnamese Family Day, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that family plays an important role in Vietnam's culture and building human characteristics.

The Deputy PM stressed that to evoke the nation's good cultural tradition, first of all, let's start in the family by loving our grandparents and parents.

The Family Day is marked once a year but we should express our love to relatives every day, he added.
This year's Vietnamese Family Day (June 28) with the theme "Family Meal with Love and Compassion" yesterday took place in the Viet Nam Culture and Arts Exhibition Center.

In the ceremony, 100 exemplary families in Hanoi were honored for participating in the movement launched by the Central Committee of Vietnamese  Women Association. The movement sets up standards for participants including no poverty, no law violation, no dropout, no third children, no family violence and honored family must keep clean house, kitchen and alleys.

In addition, the Viet Nam Culture and Arts Exhibition Center will host several events including a photo exhibition, a workshop on community healthcare models, another on enhancing men's role in family life, quiz shows for family members and children, as well as a double table tennis tournament (to encourage team work between family members) will also be held.

The Family Day has been organized every year since 2001.

By MAI AN - translated by Anh Quan

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