Vietnamese government shares information on Facebook

As per a Vietnamese government’s resolution, the Government Office was assigned to set up a social network where people can give their ideas to law drafts.
Deputy Chief of the Government Office Le Manh Ha said that the Government would post information to Facebook as Facebook’s effect is so great.
Information in the government’s Facebook plays an important role, he said, adding the government expected the media to partake in and supervise activities of governmental agencies.
General director of the government's website Vi Quang Dao said that the test run of the government Facebook page was launched early October and all government news on the page has been provided by the government’s website

Before, the government’s website has offered information to YouTube and National Competition Forum in Facebook.
Mr. Dao said that the portal of the government has sent emails containing information to press agencies and journalists but newspapers have just used only a fraction of the press information in accordance with their needs, while other information which may be useful to other people has been omitted or not fully published.
Accordingly, with expectation to provide all information to all sectors in the country, the government will post all information in its social network. If it proves useful, the government will sign a long term agreement with Facebook.

By staff writer - Translated by Anh Quan

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