Vietnamese labor quality not improved much

Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong from the Institute of Labor Science and Social Affairs said, at the ongoing 2013 Autumn Economic Forum in the northern province of Ninh Binh on September 27, that Vietnamese labor quality has not been improved drastically.

According to her study, more than 22,000 unskilled laborers without degree or qualification nationwide are assuming jobs which require training and skills. On the opposite side, around one million university degree and post-graduate diploma candidates are assuming non-skilled jobs.

Accordingly, there has been a drastic disparity in Vietnamese laborers’ monthly average salary. By statistics, in the second quarter of 2014, month average income of workers in agriculture-forestry and fisheries sector is lowest with VND3 million (US$ 141.509); of workers in industry and construction is VND4.3 million (US$ 202.830) and those working in service sector is VND5.2 million (US$ 245.283

By Anh Thu – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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