Vietnamese Legislators Visit US to Boost Bilateral Ties

During the visit, the delegation, led by the Vice Chairman of the Committee, Major General Nguyen Van Kha, met with members of the Committees on the Armed Services and Homeland Security of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and representatives from the Departments of State and Defence.

They discussed the operation of the Vietnamese legislature in general and that of the Defence and Security Committee in particular. The Vietnamese legislators expressed their wish to learn about the structure, functions and duties of the US Congress' committees, as well as their policies on defence and security.

"In the visit, Vietnamese legislators were provided with opportunities to inquire into the structure of the US Congress' committees, including the committees on security and defence. This helped the two sides achieve a better mutual understanding and further their cooperation," said Major General Nguyen Van Kha.

He further said that this was the first working visit to the US by his committee, which was carried out immediately after the two Governments concluded their final round of talks on Viet Nam's World Trade Organisation accession and all the meetings of the two sides were conducted in an atmosphere of openness and friendship.

Representatives of the US sides praised the achievements Viet Nam has made over recent years and voiced their support for the US's granting of permanent normal trade relations - or PNTR status to Viet Nam in order to finalise the process of normalising the Viet Nam-US relations, he added

Source: VNA


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