Vietnamese Long for Golden Pig Babies

This is the Year of the Golden Pig in the lunar calendar and Vietnamese people have a strong belief that 2007 will bring golden fortune, which is why so many couples are trying to have kids before the next 12 lunar cycles are completed.

Many babies were born during Tet holidays (Photo:VNE)

The Golden Pig comes only once every 60 years, so many couples preparing to have babies have been busy in the last few months.

At Central Obstetrics Hospital around 50 babies were born during the Tet holidays, but just yesterday a record 80 babies were born at the hospital.

The number of pregnant women visiting their doctors for ultrasound scans is on the rise too, and the medical clinics that provide this service are overloaded all the time.

A website about children ( even has a forum for people who wish to have babies in the Year of the Golden Pig. Posters on this forum share everything they know about having babies, especially boys.


Source: SGGP – Translated by Thuy Hang

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