Vietnam’s CPI rises in January

The General Statistics Office of Vietnam announced an increase in the consumer price index (CPI) by 1.74 percent against last month, showing a rise of 12.17 percent compared to the same period last year.

Barring the post and telecommunication services, 10 out of 11 groups of goods and services have seen price hikes this month. Food-related products surged at 2.47 percent and food showed an increase of 2.28 percent while restaurant service went up by 1.8 percent.

Education too has become costly when several cities and provinces increased their tuition fees at primary, secondary and high school levels by 2.89 percent. This is the highest record rise in one month. Price of clothing also increased by 1.81 percent this January as compared with December 2010.

Housing and construction material, including power, water and fuel affected the CPI with an expansion rate of 1.33 percent.

In contrast, gold and dollar prices have dropped. Gold fell by 0.05 percent this month and the U.S. dollar exchange rate showed a decline of 0.32 percent.

Earlier, Hanoi announced that the January CPI had increased by 1.68 percent against December 2010. In Ho Chi Minh City there was a slightly smaller increase of 1.01 percent.

By A.Thu – Translated by Ky Linh

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