VN calls for preservation of micro-organic genes

A ranking member of the NA announced on Nov. 27 that Vietnam is committed to legislation on biology and called on other countries to conserve valuable and rare micro-organic genes.

National Assembly Vice Chairwoman Tong Thi Phong (5th R) poses with delegates at a workshop on microorganism in Hanoi on November 26-29

While receiving a contingent of international scientists in Vietnam for a workshop on microorganism held in Hanoi  from Nov. 26-29, National Assembly (NA) Vice Chairwoman Tong Thi Phong expressed her hope that the international community will increase cooperation on training in the field of bio-technology development.

She also praised ideas to boost collaboration in the field as well as the organization of the workshop itself, which she said is a chance for Vietnamese scientists to exchange experiences and information with their colleagues from other countries.

Speaking at the meeting, Prof. Phillip Thornant from Belgium’s Liege university stressed that the development of bio-technology--especially for food and pharmaceutics, safety and hygiene and environmental protection—is a mutual concern of the entire world.

Other attendees expressed the hope that international cooperation will focus not only on research but also on sharing ideas on micro-organic genes and how to use them effectively.

Source: VNA

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