VNA Launches VietnamPlus E-Newspaper

Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem, at the click of a mouse at 5pm on Nov. 13, officially launched the VietnamPlus e-newspaper (Vietnam+), published by the Vietnam News Agency.

Accessed via , the newly-launched e-newspaper is expected to become one of Vietnam’s most important internal and external information channels.

Deputy PM Khiem, who is also the Foreign Minister, said he believed that, thanks to its advanced IT applications and the combined efforts of VNA’s leaders, reporters, editors and staffs, VietnamPlus will provide a continual update of the most objective images of Vietnam’s land and its people and will serve to publicize State and Government policies to all Vietnamese people.

“Being a new member of the country’s press agency system, VietnamPlus, has been built and developed on the foundations of the VNA’s electronic information system, which has existed and been archived and added to over the past 10 years, ” said VNA’s Executive Deputy General Director Tran Mai Huong.

The presence of the e-newspaper is expected to establish itself as Vietnam’s leading online newspaper and provide a direct information channel to its readers, he added.

Speaking at the press briefing, VietnamPlus’ Editor-in-Chief Le Quoc Minh affirmed that the name Vietnam+ represents the fact that the site is a gateway to all of the information about Vietnam a reader could want, plus a wealth of up-to-date international news and information that is constantly provided and updated via the website.

Information contained on the website is exclusively provided by Vietnam+ and VNA reporters and is subject to copyright, Minh added.

With a network of 1,100 VNA reporters and editors spread across 63 provinces and cities nationwide, as well as 27 foreign bureaus, Vietnam+ will become the country’s largest e-provider of reliable political, socio-economic, cultural, sports and science and technology information, both at home and abroad.

Vietnam+ is also the only e-newspaper to provide information in four major world languages: Vietnamese, English, French and Spanish, with each different language version having particular, relevant content for specific visitors.

Source: VNA

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