VR promises a thorough investigation of Toyota cars

Vietnam Register (VR) has promised to investigate thoroughly all technical problems in nearly 9,000 cars of the Toyota Innova model, to ensure better safety.

Representatives from Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) had a meeting with VR, a government body responsible for technical supervision and certification of quality and safety of vehicles, to explain the problems in the brake system and other details.

VR ordered the world's largest automaker to verify some problems pointed out in a document submitted by engineer Le Van Tach.

Engineer Le Van Tach, currently working for Toyota Vietnam, had earlier submitted to VR some documents showing three major problems in the Innova and Fortuner models.

TMV representatives admitted to the technical faults, but affirmed that the defects would not endanger the safety of people. However, according to a member of the Vietnamese Society of Automotive Engineers, the brake fluid leak can gradually diminish the braking performance in the cars, which was certainly a very serious issue.

Relevant agencies in Vietnam had checked the vehicles before they allowed these vehicles to sell in the market. The faults may occur during the production stage, yet Vietnam has not imposed any sanctions on faulty vehicles.

VR is therefore considering establishing an inspection team to check vehicles assembled in Vietnam.

Last year, Toyota announced a safety recall of about 1.5 million vehicles worldwide to fix a brake fluid leak that it warned would gradually diminish the braking performance in their cars. The world's largest automaker said that it would voluntarily recall 740,000 cars in the US and almost 600,000 in Japan to fix the problem.

Toyota was also recalling 50,000 autos in Europe, 60,000 in China, 30,000 in Australia and 50,000 in other Asian nations, according to a Toyota spokesperson in Japan. He said that so far no accidents had been linked to the defect.

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By B.Quyen, translated by Anh Quan

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