WAR Assists HCMC to Establish First Wildlife Rescue Center

The international organization Wildlife at Risk (WAR) and the Forest Management Department of Ho Chi Minh City will jointly establish the first wildlife rescue center of the city. 

The center will be located in the region of Forest Management Department of Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City.

The investment fund is given via the WAR’s project named "Bear". At the first step, over US$51,000 will be used to construct the "Center for Natural Preservation Educating and Wildlife Rescue".

A tibetan bear is illegally kept in private cage-house.
Covering an area of 400 square meters, the center will adopt mostly reptile including snakes, turtles and other small animals. Also, bears which were raised in bad conditions, with wrong techniques or in illegal private cage-houses will be rescued by the center.

A major objective of the wildlife rescue center is to take in the wild animals seized from illegal traders and give them medical treatments, raising them for a short period in a rescue camp.

Moreover, the center will jointly cooperate with the local authorities and scientists to rlease the animals to their natural habitat, or the areas actively distributed by the center.

Together with other local and international research centers, the center will carry out researches on wild animals including their habits, biological features, especially their reproduction physiology. Thus, wildlife’s reproduction and gene preservation of animals in danger extinction can be done effectively in the semi-natural conditions of the center.

Besides activities concerning rescuing wild animals, the center is also a place for education and performance of natural preservation.

According to an official, the center is expectedly to be an ecotourism point that can attracts many tourists with its wildlife’s various live specimens.

Source: VNA – Translated by: Trong Khuong

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