Witness of Agent Orange Lawsuit Passes Away

One of the four members of the delegation of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, who attended the hearing at the US court of appeals on June 18, has passed away.

Nguyen Van Quy, 52, died on the afternoon of July 7 in the northern port city of Hai Phong, said Mai The Chinh, head of the Information Department of the Viet Nam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA).

Since April 1972, Quy engaged in repairing information wire along the Truong Son trail, where chemicals, including dioxin, were sprayed on.

As food was difficult to be found in the denuded mountains, soldiers, including Quy, were forced to forage for cassava and wild plants and drink water from local streams.

Quy had stomach cancer and liver and lung disease. His first child died at birth. His son and daughter were born with deformities, incapable of working.

While joining the delegation of the Vietnamese AO victims to the US to fight for justice, Quy was in bad health condition and he had to sit on wheelchair.

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Source: VNA

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