Youth union urged to strengthen role

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung affirmed that movements initiated by the Youth Union had created effective changes in the country.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung (5th L) with delegates at a meeting between the Government and the Central Secretariat of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in HCMC on April 5

The PM was chairing a meeting of Government members and the Central Secretariat of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, who all agreed, however, that much work remained.
Mr. Dung said that despite difficulties young people continue to incorporate the nation’s traditions to creatively make practical movements to contribute to the country’s common achievements.
He noted that some movements had attracted a large number of young people in implementing scientific research themes, working with people to overcome natural calamity, preserving traffic safety and order.
Yet, he also highlighted shortcomings, especially in rural areas, where young people comprise 70 percent of the population but the quality of youth union activities does not reflect their capabilities and numbers. The role of young people in the development of their localities needs to be prompted, the Prime Minister added.
He called for the central union to ensure that young people have a thorough grasp of their duty towards the community and to work along with the Party and people to overcome difficulties and challenges.
The Central Secretariat has to better educate young people about political thought, morals and lifestyle, he stressed.
The PM assigned the Ministry of Home Affairs to create a model for training young people, with priority given to the country’s 61 poorest districts.
Mr. Dung also reminded ministries and union at various levels to provide vocational training and generate jobs for young people, with an eye towards having 50 percent of laborers receive vocational training by 2010.
An emphasis on traffic safety and order he felt should be maintained, particularly in educating young people to wear helmets and not drive under the influence of alcohol.
The PM also provided a summary of progress in the first phase of the implementation of a youth development strategy for 2010 along with other programs and projects.
Earlier, Government members had reported that the quality of youth union activities at the grassroots level was not high and have largely failed to attract the participation of the youth.
It was said that the Youth Union should reform its activities, with vocational training and job generation being the main focus.

Source: VNA

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