Efficient Measures to Boost Country’s Development

 SGGP Newspaper reporter had a chance to interview some ministers and deputy ministers in the sidelines of the 10th National Party Congress.

Minister of Finance Nguyen Sinh Hung

Minister of Finance Nguyen Sinh Hung

Let’s release the people’s prowess for the country to gather strength.

Many people believe that the National Congress is our "golden opportunity". What do you think about it?

Mr. Hung: This is an opportunity for us to review our 20 years of doi moi (renovation). At this very moment, we can have a clear vision of our future. Also, we share a common determination to continue our developing cause. The determination does not only exist in the Party, but it has become a strong desire of the whole nation to raise the country’s status. This creates an important motivation and encourages the creativeness of all economic forms, people of all strata to cooperate and overcome the difficulties.

What actions should be done to take this golden opportunity?

Mr. Hung: We must release the people’s prowess to gather our national strength. From this human resources "liberation", all economic forms, the locals and overseas Vietnamese as well as the Party members will be able to make great contribution in many sectors including industry, agriculture and services. Thus, we should also focus on promoting the Party's leadership and combative capacity, at the same time proactively seek to develop our country's human resources. 

Brainpower does not only exist in the Party, but in the whole nation. Starting with boosting the development in education, science, technology, etc, we will later create a common strength and creativeness, aiming at taking the full advantage of the golden opportunity.

Deputy Minister of the Public Security Ministry Le The Tiem

Deputy Minister of the Public Security Ministry Le The Tiem

"We have talked the talk, now we need to walk the walk."

When we talk about fighting against corruption as well as eliminating social evils, we need to primarily clean up the mess among public servants, cadres in position of power. What lesson we have taken from recent cases?

Mr. Tiem: We must carry out closely the Party’s resolutions and practice what we preach strictly and forcefully. Combating corruption should be in accordance with the spirit of the Party’s resolution, which is clearly stated as "strictly deal with anyone regardless of their positions". No one is above the law and we ought to conduct ourselves accordingly.

What is the most difficulty we have had when handling high profile case, such as the recent PMU18 corruption scandal?

Mr. Tiem: When investigation departments discovers corruptions and gets a good hold of the evidence, it is a must for them to closely cooperate with other judicial units to resolve the cases. The cooperation must be performed in high responsibility and determination, or else we would face many difficulties as in complex cases. As learned from our experiences of recent cases, we should organize an inter-disciplinary steering committee to carefully guide and observe the cooperation among units, aiming at creating a common strength to fight against corruption.

Minister of Public Health Tran Thi Trung Chien

Minister of Public Health Tran Thi Trung Chien

Three projects to be launched in rural areas

People are worried about the implementation of new policy on hospital fee. Will the low-income earners be worse off?

Ms. Chien: The Ministry of Public Health is mobilizing funds from all sources with an aim to financially assist the low-income earners, creating more chances for them to have medical examination and treatment. Besides, it will also expand the voluntary medical insurance program with the help of many public assistance funds, individuals’ financial contributions as well as of the Government. In addition, the ministry is discussing with the Social Insurance Department to promote program on a lager scale. In conclusion, when the new policy of hospital fee comes into effect, the Vietnamese underprivileged will still be able to receive financial supports for their medical treatments and services.

There is currently a shortage of doctors and nurses working in the agricultural and rural areas, which results in the lack of sufficient medical checks and treatments for local people. How will the ministry solve this problem?

Ms. Chien: The ministry is very interested in how to encourage doctors and nurses to work in the agricultural and rural areas. Although this is an inherent problem, I am confident that we can do it. Recently, the Ministry of Public Health has put more effort to launch training courses locally.

In the short term, three projects will be carried out, aiming at developing the public health care in agricultural and rural areas. The first one, which will be submitted to the Government in the second quarter of 2006, is about a tertiary training program for staffs. The project will be launched in the Mekong Delta, the Northern mountainous provinces, and some underprivileged areas in the central Viet Nam. Meanwhile, in our second project, beneficiaries are those who live in these areas and want to study at the high-school level. Beneficiaries in these two projects, who are expected to work in many hospitals and medical centers after graduated, will be sponsored by the Government to take a comprehensive quality training program. In its third project, the ministry decides to boost the socialization process, improving the human resources by professional and training programs to assist the lower-level units.

Whenever these tasks are fulfilled, we can ensure that the low-income earners in underdeveloped and rural areas would have a good chance for the best and timely medical examinations and treatments. This is also aimed at reducing the patients’ expenses for treatments as well as the overloads in the central hospitals.

Minister of the Interior Do Quang Trung

Minister of the Interior Do Quang Trung

The question of "How to serve the people better?" must be answered. Currently, there are a considerable number of cadres who are poor in professionalism and character. The problems of corruption, bureaucracy, authoritarian behaviors and the irresponsibility of some officials still remain. These shortcomings have resulted in serious erosion of people’s confidence in some governmental organizations. There are many reasons for these problems. Firstly, we are not determined, or, seriously understand the importance of the administration reform. Secondly, the administration reform is not being carried out in steps with the nation’s economic and judicial reforms. Thirdly, Party committees and leaders at various levels do not perform their leadership role well, in carrying out the administration reform effectively from the central to lower levels. Thus, at the 10th National Party Congress, we must find the answer how to serve the people better and how to improve the important roles of the authorities.

By H.Q, P.T – Translated by Trong Khuong

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