Party Congress to Select Qualified Leaders for Viet Nam

Mr. Phan Dien (standing) chairs the press conference

Mr. Phan Dien, a Politburo member and permanent member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Viet Nam Central Committee (CPVCC), introduced personnel preparations for the 10th National Party Congress at a press conference in Ha Noi on April 13. The Sai Gon Giai Phong newspaper interviewed him about personnel issues.

Sai Gon Giai Phong: What are new in selecting qualified members for the Party’s Central Committee this time?

In the first step, executives of the ninth-tenure CPVCC spelled out the number of personnel for the tenth-tenure CPVCC and standards for selection. Then, members of the ninth-tenure CPVCC reported who will continue in the tenth tenure and who will not.

Party units in provinces, cities and State agencies nominated candidates to the tenth tenure. At the 13th and 14th sessions of the Central Committee Conference, members of the ninth-tenure CPVCC discussed these potential candidates.

At the upcoming 10th National Congress Party, the delegates will vote for the tenth-tenure personnel.

The top Party leaders asked Party units to supply all information about each candidate together with their filed documents. In this process, we have even consulted the Viet Nam Father Land Front’s Central Committee.

Is there any unqualified candidate in the list? From recent corruption scandals, some officials at senior State agencies said some officials “bought their positions.”

We do hope not. If any, when there is information that a candidate “bought his or her position”, he or she will be removed from the list.

Some candidates have drawn their names off the list by themselves. Are there still unqualified candidates undiscovered?

We expect that all delegates at the 10th National Party Congress are qualified, and those elected to the Central Committee are even more qualified. From now to the Congress opening, those who are found unqualified will be taken off the list. So far, one person has been erased off and one drew his name off the list himself.

If unqualified candidates are still in the list, will somebody take responsibility?

When those who have recommended candidates supply misinformation for the Congress’s election, I think that, depending on a certain situation, they may be responsible for supplying such misinformation.

The Party has received the public’s suggestions for the draft political report for the 10th Congress. Will there be big changes in the Party’s economic, political and foreign policies?

There will be no big changes. Suggestions by the public and Party members have improved the Party’s policies for the coming time.

International guests were invited to previous Party Congresses but not this time, while Viet Nam is integrating into the global economy and preparing to join the World Trade Organization. Why don’t we invite international guests this time?

A foreign reporter raises her questions at the April 13 press conference

The reason is that we want a Congress with more discussions on the contents. I need to add that international guests often want to attend both the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony but they don’t have much time.

Therefore, the previous Party Congresses, with the attendance of international guests, comprised two sessions. The first was internal to discuss the political report and personnel issues. The second was the public session, with the presence of international guests. The first session passed the most important points of a Congress and the public session aimed to publicize them.

For the 10th Congress, we want to change this. It means there is only one session to finalize the most important points. The Congress will last eight days, not convenient for international friends. China stopped inviting international guests to their Party Congress long time ago. Laos also did not invite international guests to their latest Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Congress. However, Viet Nam has informed international friends of preparations for the 10th National Party Congress. After the Congress, we will inform them of the results.  

By Tuan Son and Hong Quan – Translated by Tuong Thuy

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