Public Democracy is Our Target

A recent speech on the renovation of the Party’s leadership, delivered by Vietnamese Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen at the 10th National Party Congress on April 20, has drawn a lot of attention from the public. SGGP reporter had a chance to interview the minister.

Vietnamese Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen

In the morning of April 20, Vietnamese Trade Minister delivered his speech on the renovation of the Central Party’s leadership, stressing that the Party committees at various levels interfere too much in the government’s administrative activities.

SGGP reporter: Practically, some Party’s organizations have taken the advantage of the Party’s leadership to arbitrarily control the administrative activities, which possibly harms the democracy within the public. What do you think about the problem?

Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen: As presented in my speech, we must handle the relation between centralization and democracy, regardless of the question of which is first. It is important to identify the position of democracy and that of the centralization in a centralized democracy. Democracy is the starting point. Centralization is not as important as democracy. It is a principle to handle different ideas in a democratic society. Living in a democratic country, the people can have their rights to speak out various thoughts and ideas, which may be based on their different awareness, opposite to each other. There are contradictions inside the Party and the people, which is normal. The contradictions result from different awareness or even interests. They cannot be regarded as disunity. Meanwhile, in order to have a resolution for these differences, a centralized democracy uses its basic principle of democracy, in which the decision will be made by a majority rule.

SGGP reporter: As the Secretariat of the Party Civil Affairs Committee of Ministry of Trade, a Party’s organization and the Minister of Trade, an apparatus of the Vietnamese government, please shed some lights on the differences between two units.

Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen: We must have a clear vision of their functions. The Party plays an important role of the nation’s leader, which orients the developing progress of the country’s socio-economy. Firstly, in order to secure the orientation of development, the Party must handle important relations. Secondly, the Party must command the armed forces. Thirdly, in our existing complex condition, the Party can not loosen its bonds of foreign affairs, it has to to maintain the stable and peaceful environment for the country’s development. More importantly, the Party must lead the people to build up a democratic country as Uncle Ho’s wish. I think the tasks of building a democratic institution; a jurisdictional government must be carried out together with the economic developing mission. In conclusion, I believe that the tasks of developing the country’s economy and building the Party are very important.

SGGP reporter: One of the Congress’ major tasks is to seek for talented people. On what criteria do you think we should base to select the Central Party’s members?

Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen: I think that there is a system of criterion. Firstly, there must be a virtue screening system, which is a necessary condition. Any public servants or cadres in position of power but involved in corruption can not be a member of the Central Party Committee. Secondly, members of the committee must have their real capacity, a sufficient condition. Our epoch witnesses a quick and complex movement in every matter; thus, they must understand the present situation and take the opportunity, overcome challenges to lift the country up.

SGGP reporter: Thank you very much.

"Some Party committees at different levels are currently interfering too much in the government’s administrative affairs. It is a matter of fact that these units want to earn good points from the common achievements rather than take the responsibility of their doings. The Party plays an essential role as a leader to direct the developing process, identifying the major relations’ internal forces to maintain the developing progress. Although the Party does not intervene in a specific activity, it must define successfully the major orientations of our country’s development."

(Excerpted from Vietnamese Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen’s speech)

By T.S, T.L– Translated by Trong Khuong

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