8th typhoon heads for north of East Sea

The National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center reported at 7am on September 2, the 8th typhoon located at 21.4 degrees north latitude and 117.3 degrees east longitude; 360km far from Hong Kong (China) in the East East south direction. 

8th typhoon heads for north of East Sea

Its powerful wind was measured at 9 to 10 level (75-100 km per hour).

In next 24 hours, the typhoon will move slowly in the northwest north with its speed at 5km per hour and then is predicted to develop stronger.

At 7am on September 3, it will center at 22.5 degrees north attitude, 116.8 degrees east longitude, far away from Hong Kong (China) 270km in the east. Its powerful wind will be at 11 level (100 to 115 km per hour).

8th typhoon heads for north of East Sea ảnh 1 the 8th typhoon's direction  on September 2

Due to the typhoon’s influence, the East Sea will be effected a strong wind of 7 to 8 level. The strongest winds near the typhoon center can reach the speed of level 9-11.

In next 24 to 48 hours, the typhoon will move in the North West north at 5-10km each hour then make landfall in Chinese Guangdong province however it is estimated to be weakened after that.

At 7am on September 4, the typhoon will locate at 24.1 degrees north latitude, 116 degrees east longitude.  

NGUYEN HUU -Translated by Thanh Van

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