Binh Thuan welcomes very first rains

After the long- term extreme heat wave, the very first rains have appeared in some places of Binh Thuan province during the previous days, bringing cooler and pleasant weather to the central South of province.

Particularly, a 15 minute heavy rains covered in the Phan Thiet city on April 26 – 27. Although rainfall is low but it contributed to reduce daytime temperature in the provincial’s locatities. The first seasonal rains swept through Tanh Linh and Duc Linh district of Binh Thuan province during 30 minutes with its peak rainfall of 23 mm.

As if, the favorable weather condition will cause more comfortable weather on holidays of Revolutionary Day (April 30) and May Day (May 1).

According to the Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center of Binh Thuan province, the nationwide starts entering seasonal change from dry to rainy season starting with many medium- heavy rains on the large scale. However, the hot air is forcast to maintain in Binh Thuan at the end of May.

By Minh Tien- Translated by Huyen Huong

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