Cold front hits northern east region

A cold front changed direction in the southern region on February 12 after hitting the northern region in the country announced the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center.

The cold weather is predicted to affect to northern east provinces tonight; and then it is going to expand possibly to the north central, northern west, mid central and south central provinces.

Because of the influence of the cold wave, rainny weather will occur in the northern east and north central region. Meanwhile, showery weather will start generating in the mid central provinces from February 15. In mainland, northeast monsoon gusts up to level 2- 3 and at level 3-4 in coastal regions.

Northeast monsoon will blow with level 6- 9, causing sea rough in the areas of Gulf of Tokin and northward of East Sea including Paracel Island by tonight.

By February 15, the areas of middle East Sea and offshore of territorial waters from Ninh Thuan to Ca Mau will see level 6- 8 northeast monsoon, 2- 4 meters big waves.

The damaged cold is forecast to appear in the northern and north central mountainous provinces in the upcoming days.

The weather in the southern region maintains deep cloud daytime, no rain at night, and northeast monsoon of level 2-3. The lowest temperature in the area will be at 23- 26 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature at 31- 34 degrees Celsius.

By Minh Tam- Translated by Huyen Huong

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